"Simplicity is complexity resolved."

Constantin Brancusi
Sages are considered to be wise and knowledgeable. Throughout history, any person who is adept at acquiring knowledge and teaching it are considered sages. They were philosophers, astronomers, and writers. 
Until now, any individual who has the desire to learn and teach is considered a modern-day sage. This can be teachers, composers, etc. A great example is Albert Einstein.
The Sage as a personality
They learn and grow for the betterment of mankind. The Sage is often portrayed as a teacher, a detective, or a news anchor to name a few. Curiosity is one of Sage’s personality. The need to find out who, what, when, and where is the driving factor for their personality.
The Sage as a brand
The Sage as a brand provides knowledge and information. They identify what is true and the effects of false information. A great example of a Sage brand is National Geographic. They provide factual information to the public.
The Shadow of the Sage
With great knowledge comes greater responsibility. Too much knowledge with no one to teach can lead to madness. The sage who studies too much and never acts on those studies is doomed to fail. They are disconnected from reality. They will not have any social interactions aside from their papers and books.

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Sage Consumers

Sage Consumers
Sage consumers are curious. They want to know more about brands and what they are getting themselves into. They want to be knowledgeable and will use any means available to get information.
How to market to a Sage consumer?
Brands should make their consumers think. Sage consumers enjoy doing research and giving them visual clues would initiate their curiosity. Another way to market to a Sage consumer is to let the brand be recommended by experts. Having an expert vouch for the brand lets consumers know how legit and intelligent the brand is.
Make the consumers feel like experts and if they do research the brand, provide them with the right tools and resources for it. They will be loyal customers if their knowledge is fed properly with the brand’s identity and purpose.

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