"When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw."

Nelson Mandela
The Outlaw is the opposite of the Hero. The Outlaw is all about revolution while the latter is all about salvation.
Outlaws in cowboy movies are regarded as the rebels. They are the instigator of anarchy. In these kinds of movies, they can be a protagonist or an antagonist. A protagonist outlaw is a rebel who is not happy about how things are going. They want to revolt for the betterment of everybody. They want to take down the rules because this does not match up to how they visualize a world must be. An antagonist outlaw wants to create chaos for their enjoyment. One who considers themselves as the new order and does not care what happens to everyone around them.
The Outlaw may be known as the rebel, the revolutionary, the villain, the wild man or woman, the misfit, the enemy, or the iconoclast. The Hero and the Outlaw.
The Outlaw as a Personality
The Outlaw personality has two faces. One is the personality to revolt against tyranny and oppression from corrupt leaders. One good example are rallies from civil rights groups. The second is a personality that instills fear to everyone. This type of outlaw uses fear to gain power.
The Outlaw as a Brand
The Outlaw Brand questions moral values. It does not follow the norm neither would it turn the other way. Also, the brand, if needed be, can take down oppression. Outlaw brands convey power opposite to the Hero brand.
The Shadow of the Outlaw
This archetype is susceptible to the dark side. Since rebellion is its primary attribute, it can lead to illegal ways. Especially if things are getting out of hand, the outlaw can cause a negative side effect on society.

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The Outlaw as a Consumer
Outlaw consumers are attracted to anything that signifies rebellion. They lean toward products/services that promote mischief. The light outlaw consumers are those who want to experience their wild side to some extent without jeopardizing their livelihood.
How to market to an Outlaw Consumer
Promote the brand as a voice to consumers who are unhappy with society’s normal values or moral code. Make sure to create edgy ads that pioneer revolutionary attitudes. The brand’s visual representation must have dark and intense colors.

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