"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Walt Disney
Hearing/reading the word Magician right now makes us think of magicians that we know of. They can be characters from movies that we saw. They can also be entertainers from stages, birthday parties, and events. What we do know about magicians is their ability to defy or illude any natural laws.
By our understanding, magicians do magic or illusions. But they have a broader skillset than that. Magicians back then were also scientists, philosophers, engineers, and even psychologists. These people are those who dreamed of an impossible idea, studied about it, and then turning that idea into fruition. A magician makes dreams come true and it still does today.
The Magician can be known as the visionary, catalyst, innovator, charismatic leader, mediator, shaman, healer, or medicine man or womanThe Hero and the Outlaw.


The Magician as a Personality

The Magician’s personality stems on the desire to create on what is impossible. They have the knack on discovering ideas that are improbable at first, but with the right belief and knowledge, they can develop it into something amazing.

Magicians are curious by nature and a visionary by heart. They feel fulfilled in life if they can show wonders and awe to everyone around them.

The Magician as a Brand

Brands that have the Magician archetype want to bring out wondrous moments. It thrives on  giving that magical experience to their audience.

Magician brands come in various forms. It can be a brand that has withstood the test of time. This brand uses its historical origins as a method to evoke mystical curiosity to its audience. Another form is a brand that promotes new technologies. It is labeled as a magician brand when these technologies foster cutting edge ideas that involve natures resource. 

The Shadow of the Magician

Magicians can be scheming. They will manipulate others to their own will and even influence other people on what to believe in.

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Magician as a Consumer
Magician consumers are people who love to be entertained. They get amazed by anything that conflicts with their logical thinking. The magician consumer desires for transformation and is more in favor of anything scientific to be their principle in life.
How to Market to a Magician Consumer
When marketing with Magician consumers, the brand must be a platform for transformation. The brands should have values that can appeal to the Magician consumers. know what the brand is, what it stands for, and what are the values.

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