"There's no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were."

Nina Simone
A hero is the embodiment of bravery and selflessness. An individual who courageously saves the day.
Today, we associate heroes most commonly from movies and TV series. Also, we identify heroes as our everyday working-class citizens and even animals.
We admire heroes because of how they represent the middle and low class. How they fight for the oppressed and the weak. How they rescue those who are in need.
The Hero also may be known as the warrior, the crusader, the rescuer, the superhero, the soldier, the winning athlete, the dragon slayer, the competitor, and the team player. The Hero and the Outlaw.


The Hero as a personality
A Hero personality is capable of overcoming their fears and has the “just do it” attitude. They can exceed their limitations and will get things done no matter what. This personality seeks out challenges, the sky is the limit for them. As long as they know that what they are doing can help save others, fight injustice, and rise to the occasion if the need comes.
The Hero as a brand
The Hero as a brand comes in many ways. One method is a brand that promotes itself like a warrior. As a warrior, the brand’s goal is to beat the competition. Since a hero loves challenges, their motivation is to succeed is to be the best in their field.
The hero brand also influences its audience to become heroes themselves. What the brand does is promoting their product/service wherein if a consumer purchases from them, that consumer also helps make the world a better place. The brand makes the consumer feel heroic because they also made a difference by buying from them.
The Shadow of the Hero
Since the Hero regard themselves as a warrior, a conqueror, or a winner they sometimes cannot see the conquered or the loser. They tend to be an oppressor. It depends on where the hero is coming from. For example, Alexander The Great was regarded as a hero, but the victims did not. In brands, company takeovers are also a good example of this.

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Hero Consumers

Hero Consumers are those who want to be recognized as someone who wants to make a difference. They want to stand out and be that person who can be looked up to. They have the desire to help the world, save what needs to be saved and be a difference-maker.

How to Market to a Hero Consumer
One way to market to a hero consumer is to innovate. Show consumers that the brand can have a big impact on the world. Let them see that they can exceed their limitations.
Another way is to get the consumers involved with the brand.  Give them the opportunity to be heroes themselves by addressing any social problems. Lastly, the brand must have a strong conviction. Hero consumers value brands that have have a social responsibility.

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