"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference."

Kathy Calvin


The Caregiver as a personality:
The Caregiver is the altruist of the archetypes. They are more concerned about helping others than for their own benefit. They are selfless and do not need anything in return.

The Caregiver also may be known as the caretaker, altruist, saint, parent, helper, or supporter. The Hero and the Outlaw.

The Caregiver as a brand:
Their aim as a brand is to convey to their customers that they do care, will provide security, and offer support. Brands with this archetype have the ability to make feel nurtured. That is why this is also known as The Mother Archetype.

Caregiver Color Palettes, Character and Slogans


Caregiver Consumers

Caregiver Customers are the type of people who wants to help others without being patronized or forced. They want to feel a sense of gratification with all their good deeds.
How to market to a Creator Personality Consumer?
Avoid creating adverts that are over the top. Use promotions that connect with their emotions and making them feel secure and cared for. Make sure to use conscience evoking messages in the brand’s advert. 

Caregiver Levels


Caregiver Brand Videos


This ad promotes racial acceptance. As a caregiver brand, UNICEF is telling their audience that everyone should be accepted as who they are. Don’t judge based on the color of the skin, the appearance or even the way other race talk. Most of the time, people with different ethnicity can surprise you in a good way. 

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is showcasing the act of kindness. This video represents two types of society, the able and the poor, and how we can make a difference in shortening the gap. A caregiver brand who asks the society to help one another. 

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