Why Hiring the Right People is Key to Your Brand Image

Ask any hiring manager, and they will tell you that building a great company doesn’t necessarily start when the proverbial “closed” sign is changed to “open” each morning. It actually starts with a group of people that are dedicated to representing the company as well as possible. Of course, the hiring process is difficult, and it can be discouraging. However, …

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Press Release: Inspire Your Brand Is Helping Entrepreneurs to Focus on Their Expertise!

Inspire Your Brand Is Helping Entrepreneurs to Focus on Their Expertise

NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE – SACRAMENTO, CA {AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS AND THE CW} The company has received several celebrity endorsements and are particularly fond of the ones from Chris Harrison, Host of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and Grant Cardone, Best Selling Author of the 10X Rule and CEO of Cardone Capital. Inspire Your Brand, a leading company …

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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Business’ Brand Image

Your brand is everything. A company’s brand reflects the image presented to the public. Customers, colleagues, and strategic partners all want to feel confident about any company they patronize. Carefully shaping a near-perfect brand can help a business in many positive ways. Not every proprietor, however, knows what to do to improve a brand. Some steps require tremendous effort, but …

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View of a message and social media icons

4 Best Ways to Build Your Business’ Social Media Footprint

Being on social media is an absolute must for any business these days. More and more often, customers’ purchasing decisions are based on what they see on social media before they even log on to a website or turn on a television. Here are some ways to boost your business’ presence on social media. Be Active While ubiquity is not …

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