When looking to cut costs, one of the most commonly overlooked methods is by switching to more eco-friendly business practices. While some of these methods might have a bit of an upfront cost, the money your business can save in the long run makes it more than worth the investment.

Light Fixtures

One of the most commonly overlooked costs of business is the cost of literally keeping the lights on with advancements in eco-friendly lighting options like LED lights. While the initial price of the bulb is a little more expensive, the energy cost of the bulb throughout its lifetime is about one-fifth of a normal bulb. Eco-friendly bulbs also tend to last far longer than traditional lightbulbs, saving you even more by having you buy fewer replacement bulbs.


Depending on what kind of business you run, there are bound to be employees who can do their jobs so long as they have access to their files. Telecommunications and having cloud storage or a VPN system set up allows employees to work from home. This not only helps the environment since people don’t need to drive in to work, but it also helps productivity as workers don’t have to worry about traffic or road conditions making them late for work or keeping them from the office.


Going paperless is another great way to reduce costs. Printer paper, receipt paper, and any other kind of paper product used in the day-to-day business operations can add up fast. Offering e-receipts, transferring inventory spreadsheets and other documents to a digital format, and sharing essential documents over an internal server for your employees to access as needed can drastically reduce your costs. According to experts, your business could save time by switching from paperwork to software. This is because there’s less time waiting on documents to print, and collaboration and information sharing is near instantaneous.

Tax Credits

This is the best-kept secret of eco-friendly saving. Many businesses can take a tax credit for attempting to be eco-friendlier. This includes doing things like reducing emissions, being more energy efficient, and even investing in solar power to help run your store. Solar power can eventually begin paying for itself, depending on the provider you use, especially if you purchase directly from a government provider of solar power.

There are more ways that being eco-friendly can help specific businesses, but these four can apply to nearly anyone. Being eco-friendly is becoming easier and less expensive than ever now that society is so focused on being green, and there’s no better time to take advantage of the benefits.

The more you know, the more you grow, and going green is in! Contact us to create a brand for your business that showcases your business values.