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4 Best Ways to Build Your Business’ Social Media Footprint

Being on social media is an absolute must for any business these days. More and more often, customers’ purchasing decisions are based on what they see on social media before they even log on to a website or turn on a television. Here are some ways to boost your business’ presence on social media.

Be Active

While ubiquity is not necessarily a must, you need at least to have some presence on social media. According to eLearning Industry, “Consistency trumps quantity. Everything you upload on social media has to have a solid strategy behind it. Don’t just post twice a day because you think you should. Have a reason for hitting ‘enter’. It helps to have a content calendar with pillars. For example, you could divide your material into trivia, brand background, product information, and so on.” You should post on a regular and consistent basis so that your customers get used to hearing from you with a certain frequency. Understand that your customers are looking to you and waiting to hear what you have to say. You never know which single message that you impart will be the one that your customers associate with you and remember. Therefore, a steady but not overbearing presence on social media will help you get your message in front of an audience.

Collect Reviews

According to Podium, “over 80 percent of people trust reviews as long as they are authentic, posted by someone who has posted other reviews and seems genuine. People will trust these reviews as if they were recommendations from friends or family.” You have a few methods of getting reviews on social media. One method is to run a contest where people who submit a review are entered for a giveaway. Another method is to simply ask on social media how your business is doing, and customers will respond. People like to be asked for their opinion and will likely offer it when requested.

Schedule Your Posts

As mentioned above, your social media presence needs to be regular. In other words, your customers should be able to set their watches by your posts. Razor Social explains, “in order to achieve that, you should schedule your posts to obtain that kind of consistency. Consider automating your posts so that you do not even need to tend to your social media with regularity.” This will enable you to load multiple posts ahead of time and have them automatically post to save you time. Numerous software platforms will enable you to do this easily.

Engage Without Promoting

Your social media posts should speak for themselves and draw positive attention to your business. You do not need always to be promoting; that can backfire and annoy potential customers. Instead, by being engaging and providing relevant and timely insight, you can reach people without always telling them how great your business is. When your customers have an ongoing dialogue with you, they will feel like they have a stake in your business and will want to patronize it. At the same time, when they always feel like they are being sold to over social media, they could start to tune out what you have to say. One of the best ways to reduce the feeling of spam or promotional content is to curate your comment sections or replies. MavSocial explains, “one of the best methods of controlling spammy comments is to stay on top of it. This means regularly monitoring your accounts and checking who is consistently commenting and what they are saying. If you are consistently being targeted by specific users, or the spam appears insidious, you should consider reporting and/or blocking the offender.”

Your business’ social media presence is something that can be managed and built if you take the right approach. By following these tips, you can make sure that you are active in the right way and engage your customers with useful content.

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